Personal Injury

Our personal injury practice is based upon our litigation background. People are entitled to damages for injuries due to negligence. Insurance companies will often try to encourage a quick and modest settlement. Hiring an aggressive and experienced attorney can help in assuring that your interests are protected and in obtaining a higher award. When someone is injured, insurance companies take notice of whether the injured party, or his or her attorney, will initiate a lawsuit if a fair settlement is not obtained. We take our role seriously and will never recommend a settlement for a client without engaging in aggressive negotiation with an insurance company.

Our litigation background is exemplified by a number of cases in which Attorney Holtz has participated. It is also evident in the very large bad faith award he helped obtain for a client where an insurance company had wrongfully tried to deny coverage. In this case which drew national attention, Attorney Holtz successfully defended a church from an insurance company’s attempt to deny insurance coverage in a serious accident involving the church’s employee. After extensive discovery which saved the church nearly $500,000, Attorney Holtz forced the insurance company to cover the church for the accident. He then initiated the filing of a bad faith lawsuit against the insurance company for its actions. The trial judge ruled in favor of the church in a summary judgment motion holding that the insurance company had committed bad faith. Later, a jury in Waukesha County awarded $3.5 million to the church as punitive damages against the insurance company. This case was upheld by the Wisconsin Supreme Court in an important published decision. This action as initiated and spearheaded by Attorney Holtz sent a strong message to the insurance industry by highlighting the responsibilities of insurance companies to their insureds and the consequences of violating such responsibilities. This case also illustrated our philosophy of partnering with and bringing in specialists to ensure the highest and best result for our clients.

Extensive discovery is a hallmark of Mequon Law Offices. In a startling case, Attorney Holtz discovered the wrongful taking of an elderly client’s life savings by trusted family members. Attorney Holtz obtained a judgment and more importantly, recovered thousands of dollars from the defrauding family member and other relatives who had shared in the benefits of the wrongful taking of the client’s life savings.

Aggressive representation has earned results. In a complex litigation case, Attorney Holtz aggressively represented a group of neighbors who suffered from repetitive noise and vibrations at all hours caused by a neighboring industrial company’s expansion into a formerly residential buffer area.

Large case or small, we will put our professionalism and expertise to work for you. We look forward to assisting you personally to obtain full and fair compensation for your injuries.